What I’m Doing Now

This is my Now page inspired by Derek Sivers.

Last updated: 15th June 2024.

2024 seems to be troddling along at a steady pace and before you know it the year will be wrapping up! I seem to be thinking more than doing this year which is perhaps what is needed, thoughtful actions usually work out for the best… maybe.


In 2023 I started collecting and using mindfulness toys” from Aroundsquare. I find the practice of learning and improving a skill to be both relaxing and rewarding without needing any outside validation.

I also appreciate the founder, Matthew Hiebert’s general and business philosophy. I appreciate the community that has evolved around the love of Aroundsquare products, it’s like a healthy cult of sorts.

Here’s an interview with Matthew Hiebert on YouTube that I found inspiring.

I only have a small collection of skill toys”, but while most gravitate towards Begleri, I seem to have an affinity for Matt’s own invention the Knucklebone, I currently have five in my collection, but I suspect this collection will grow over the next few months.

I also love slinging my MKUltras which are inspired by Greek Komboloi and are fantastic as a flow toy or worry beads.

So, yes, I’m deep into Aroundsquare. I never thought I would be loyal to a brand, but as a digital marketer by trade I’m fascinated that Aroundsquare is genuine about their philosophy of money not being the primary focus of their business model. Mind blowing, really.


Another brand I enjoy and have been loyal to for probably 10 years now, is Outlier. They make amazing clothing from specialised fabrics that focus on movement, comfort and utility. I’m the kind of person who likes to have one pair of pants and a couple of t-shirts and a hoodie, so they have to be the best quality possible to last me years. Outlier clothing meets these needs.


My good friend Michael Nobbs mentioned a Domestika course he enjoyed by a Mexican chap named Alfonso de Anda. If Michael suggests something, in my experience it’s wise to jump at it. So, I bought the Daily Sketchbook Drawing course for a pittance and have really been enjoying it.

I love how Alfonso inspires his studnts to not care about the drawings they make and that drawing is relative anyway, so if you hate what you’ve done, someone else may love it, so it’s not your responsibility to like what you create. This small piece of advice really impacted me; I’m still pondering it, but I feel it’s something I needed to hear.

So, a strong desire for 2024 is to keep a daily sketchbook. I hope some of the pages make it to this blog.

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